Welcome To Duanes Vintage Signs!
Why I Make These Signs.

Some people call the past by different names. Re-tro, Antique, vintage or Memory lane.
Whatever term you use one thing is for sure...it gives a person warm feelings, Pleasant Memories of the past.
Perhaps remembering when you would see signs like these.....

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Or perhaps just remembering how simpler things were, alot less pressure, much easier to afford things, or lifes simplicities.
No Cell Phones, No Computers, Building Huts in the Woods & Tin Cans with a tighten string were our Phones.
Through the use of Vintage Signs ( Hand Lettered ) I want to bring those memories back to you! If I can make a sign for you,
whether Generic or Customized & it takes you back to a Pleasant Recollection.

Then I have accomplished my goal. Thats why I do these signs.