Hello Im Duane...

and thank you for visting my website.

My love affair with letters started as a kid in North-Eastern Pennsylvania. Eventually becoming a sign painter in 1980 under the mentoring of a few great sign artists. I was born in 1956 and have many fond memories as a youngster and often think back on how simpler things were and how much less things cost. Even when I started in the sign business, not many sign shops had computers; all lettering was done by hand. Then one day I thought "HEY"... If we cant go back in the past why not bring the past to everyone including myself.

We crave the past...

A lot less pressure to survive I can go on and on about the days long gone, but in your hearts and minds you have those special memories and I can help you recapture them with a vintage and nostalgic sign.

Generic or Customized

Weathered, Aged or Crackled!

All Signs are hand lettered

on Pine or Plywood....Enjoy!