Stop by or call our office.

Fill out the form on the CONTACT page with all necessary information and any questions and / or special instructions you might have. Or, contact me directly at 860-632-2573.

See additional info below specific to your type of order inquiry.


Basic information that is helpful for you to supply as I begin a project:

A. Pick a subject or something that you would like the sign to be about, whether its peronlized or generic.
( ie. "Grampys Garage" Gran-Mas Bakery ...Joes Dinner etc. etc.)
B. Pick a couple of preferred colors that you would like.
C. What size do you want, in another words, will it fit where you want it to go? Final size (or at least an approximation)
D. Wood or Metal?
E. Interior or exterior?
F. One side or two?

All signs are hand lettered.
If you are not sure of any of these items, we can figure it out together.
I will reply to your email (or telephone if you request)
to discuss the information you provided.

I will then begin work with a 50% deposit with the balance due on delivery.
* Shipping charges are not included in price quotes.

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